Brian Thomas
Owner / C.E.O.
The man in the name. Brian is the founder of Brian Thomas Consulting, Inc., and he still finds time to occasionally put on the hardhat himself. After being in construction for 20 years Brian started his own company in 2011 and continues to be one of the most reliable contractors in San Diego for a wide range of contracting services.

Phone: (760) 277-7085
Email: brian@brianthomasconsulting.com

Brian Thiessen
Project Manager / Chief Construction Estimator
Brian Thiessen has a big hand in every Brian Thomas Consulting project, and you wouldn’t want anyone else in charge. He makes sure every project is estimated correctly, and completed up to the rigorous Brian Thomas Consulting standard. You’ll frequently find him at your worksite giving direction and making sure everything runs smoothly.

Phone: (619) 791-6899
Email: brt@brianthomasconsulting.com

Juan De La Torre
Lead SWPPP Foreman and Estimator
Juan performs a variety of jobs both in the field and in the office. He spends a majority of his time on jobsites completing inspections all the way from LA County to the southern border of San Diego County. Juan is also our Lead SWPPP Estimator, spending time reviewing plans and ensuring our estimates cover all compliance items on the jobsite.

Phone: (909) 272-3961
Email: juan@brianthomasconsulting.com